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Madurai is a city that is rich in history and is one of the few documented cities that has a living history.There are many famous local attractions in Madurai that are..Read More!


As a family involved in the looking after and working with elephants for more than a hundred years,It is a natural progression for my Dad, R.Rengan to open an old age home for elephants. We are planning to house hurt elephants that...Read More!


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There are many great epics in the annals of Indian literature and almost all of them have stories about the elephant. The gentle giant is an integral part of any Indian or Hindu mythology, and has played a stellar role in many stories and fables. It is considered....Read More!

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For a century, from 1915 to till now, our family has been working with the gentle giants the elephant.My great-grandfather Doraisamy Konar worked as a Mahout in the Koodal Azhagar Temple,the Kundrakudi...Read More!


Join our hands.. For a better Future..

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