Upcoming Projects

As a family involved in the looking after and working with elephants for more than a hundred years, it is a natural progression for my Dad, R.Rengan to open an old age home for elephants. We are planning to house old retired or hurt elephants that are no longer able to work and so are in danger of being abandoned or put down.

This desire to house such old elephants is the foundation of our elephant park. We are planning to model this park like a working ranch in cowboy country, where visitors are encouraged to help out and take part in the everyday working of the reserve. Our fledgling elephant reserve is in its infancy.we have plans to open an elephant habitat, start aspecialty mahout training and development center, and also to open other centers across the country for rescue and rehabilitation of these jumbos.

Our goal is to provide the visitor with an up close and personal experience with these behemoths while also providing the elephants some exercise, and to lead lives free from neglect.The human-tiger conflicts that were frequent until a few decades ago were resolved by the setting up of Tiger Reserves across many National Parks.

Likewise, it is our contention that the human-elephant conflict will also be done away with the setting up of elephant reserves where these gentle jumbos can have space to move around freely without coming into close contact with humans.

The visitors and guests can take part in the daily activities of the elephant park, by helping to wash, feed and take care of the jumbos in other ways too.