Indian Mythology

There are many great epics in the annals of Indian literature and almost all of them have stories about the elephant. The gentle giant is an integral part of any Indian or Hindu mythology, and has played a stellar role in many stories and fables.

It is considered as a bringer of good fortune and good health. Most Hindus take the blessings of the temple elephant when visiting a temple, as they believe that the elephant’s breath brings good health! The elephant God Ganesha is also considered to be the God of success, and that he removes all the obstacles in one’s path.

According to Hindu mythology, the Elephant is one of five things that were obtained when the Great Sea was churned by the King of Gods, including the immortality-bestowing Amruth. Ever since the elephant has been revered in India.

It is seen as a symbol of strength, grace and benevolence, as in spite of its massive size, it is gentle and quite docile. It is also intelligent, community oriented and has remarkable memory! Even non-Hindus use elephants during their weddings and other processions, and some famous dargahs have the tradition of keeping an elephant in their premises. As a good luck charm, the elephant is an integral part of everyday life in India.

Many kings, princes and bridegrooms have arrived for their weddings and other State occasions on elephant back. It is a symbol of prosperity as anyone with an elephant has to be rich enough to feed it!